What Greenlaning can we offer & where ?

France is where we live and operate from, making it our “back yard” where we do most of our Greenlaning.  

For a day, a weekend, a Mid-week or longer : we will create a program together with you so you can enjoy the maximum of Greenlanes while you’re here.

Because we have so many lanes and paths to choose from we can go Laning even when the weather is less good - even in Central France it rains at times. This way we cause very little damage to the Lanes.

For decades, The United Kingdom has been a place for some fantastic Greenlaning and serious Off-Roading for us.

Greenlaning is an English expression and it was invented there. Although new Laws & Legislation has reduced the possibilities a lot we can still offer fantastic routes due to our contacts all over the British Isles. 

We have access to private land where we can enjoy some serious Off-Roading. For the experienced Off-Roader we can offer rather extreme terrain.

These Off-Road “Sorties” are for the well prepared vehicle and experienced crews only. Rollcage, recovery points front & rear, winch, aggressive tyres and the likes are obligatory. Damage to the vehicle is likely – recovery services for our Continental clients is possible. Please note that our “Off-Road Sorties” are not for the novice Greenlaner.


We have more to offer,

So please come back later to check it out...