Where are we situated ?

At the start of this century, we’ve moved from Holland to Central France where we live and operate our business from. This region, the Auvergne, is well known for its peace & quiet and having not a lot of people living here it offers unique opportunities for Greenlaning and as you can see in the pictures, we have loads of Lanes to choose from.

In an area about the size of Wales but with only 1.3 million people we have a lot of space and many miles of lanes that are used to access fields, forests, small lakes and connect communities. For over 600 years these lanes have been used and in almost any weather we can find lanes to enjoy.

Apart from the stunning scenery and the tranquillity in which we can enjoy fantastic Greenlaning, the Auvergne also offers a lot for those who like to walk, canoe or go shopping. Museums, Zoo’s and “Wellness” can be found also and people travel great distances to visit them.

There are many Chambre d'Hôtes (B&B’s), campings and hotels to choose from in all price ranges. In the link section we’ll add the places we know and think could be of interest to you. (and who can speak English)

Please remember to make sure that if you have a roof tent, this is accepted – not all camping sites will accept them. Also, dogs are not allowed on some places so please make sure it is OK for them to come.